About our US Whip Brand

US Whip provides American-made tools for ranching, herding, training and showing livestock. As one of the original American whip companies, we have 105 years of experience. Our company is proudly one of the last remaining in the industry that sources and manufactures all products within the United States. We’re a small, passionate, family-run business that operates in Oklahoma, America’s heartland.

Quality materials and proven craftsmanship

Our craftsmen use quality raw materials and exacting specifications to create each product by hand. We combine traditional techniques with modern materials to produce durable and effective tools for every discipline. Our shafts are composed of the best fiberglass in the country. Continuous strand fiberglass is a premium solution that provides flexibility while remaining virtually unbreakable. All whips feature double braiding, which offers additional reinforcement, keeping the shaft from protruding out the top of the whip.

Over 200 Livestock Tools

We have over 200 livestock tools available in multiple sizes and colors. This includes stock whips, flag whips, lunge whips, riding bats, riding crops, driving whips, training whips, riding whips, wooden canes, sorting poles, pig whips and show sticks. All US Whip products are tested in real world conditions to ensure performance, longevity, and animal safety.
Benefits of Partnering with U.S. Whip to Represent our Leading Brands
Distributors enjoy preferred pricing and free shipping from our U.S. based manufacturing center.

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