Flag Whips

Flag Whips are a lightweight tool used to sort, load and unload cattle, pigs, and other livestock. Simply swish behind the animal to prompt them to move forward. Flag whips are also useful tools for Equestrians looking to desensitize horses. They provide new sights and sounds for colts, introducing them to new stimuli without overwhelming colts in training.

Each flag is hand attached to the end of a braided, flexible, fiberglass rod. US Whip can screen print custom logos, brand names, and designs onto the flags – an excellent marketing option for companies serving farmers or ranchers. Our flag whips are proudly made in Oklahoma, have a 10” rubber golf grip. and are available in lengths of 50”, 60”, 72” and a variety of colors.

Available Items

FW50R50″ shaft10″ rubber golf grip
FW60R60″ shaft10″ rubber golf grip
FW72R72″ shaft10″ rubber golf grip