Goat Blankets Nylon

Goat blankets create a cool, clean, fungus and fly free barrier for goats to thrive under. They also protect them from sunburn and mosquito bites, ensuring the animal looks the best they can on show day.

This product offers several features that are new to the livestock show industry that benefit both users and animals alike:

  • A zipper on the neck of the blanket to limit the quarreling in taking a blanket on and off of an animal. 
  • A removable “belly” strap which allows an individual to remove the blanket from both sides of the animal in a quick, stress free motion.
  • A mesh butt on the back of the blanket which allows for feces and urine to fall freely, limiting stains on the back portion of the animal.
  • A curved cutout has been added to the back of the blanket allowing the tail to stand upright and tight as trained for the show ring.  

Made from a durable Ultra Tough Nylon material this comfortable cover is machine washable and perfect for goats of all species and ages. Whether you’re hauling wethers to a junior prospect show in early spring or hauling bred does across the nation in late winter, our goat blankets will offer superior protection.

Every goat blanket is individually handcrafted and sewn in the United States. Available in a variety of sizes and colors.

Available Items

GBNC-MBSolid ColorsSM 40-60 Lbs, Med 60-80 Lbs, L 80-110 Lbs, XL 110-140 Lbs
GBNC-MB-PrintPrinted ColorsSM 40-60 Lbs, Med 60-80 Lbs, L 80-110 Lbs, XL 110-140 Lbs

Goat Blankets

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