Riding Crops, Whips & Horse Training Equipment

The Finest Equine Whips, Crops, and Training Tools

U.S. Whip specializes in creating the finest whips, crops, bats, and other equestrian supplies, perfect for beginners as well as seasoned professionals. We carry a wide variety of driving, training and, riding whips; bats for training and racing; harness race whips; and gaited and dressage whips.  Between our U.S. Whip, Wonder Whip and Great American Equine lines, our extensive selection and unmatched quality ensures that we have the whip to meet your specific need.

Driving Whips by Wonder Whip

Harness racing is one of the most popular horse events today and drivers rely on their whip as an essential tool in driving their horse at critical times.

Continental Crops by Wonder Whip

Our continental-style crops are well-balanced and remain straight so the rider can give the exact cue intended. Available in three different crop styles.

Training Whips

Our Training Whips are engineered to aid in training horses for various disciplines — for show or riding.

Alley Whip

The all-new Alley Whip is designed specifically to be used on horseback in alleyways and aid in short work in cattle pens.

Arab Training Bats by Wonder Whip

An essential tool for equestrians, our Arab Training Bats are designed to train horses for various disciplines -- for show or for riding.

Replacement Poppers

The popper attached at the end of a whip is what makes the "pop" or cracking sound, effectively getting the attention of the animal to guide or control it.

Racing Bats by Wonder Whip

U.S. Whip's Racing Bats are designed to cue the horse to action. Available with feathers, causing a swishing sound to gain the ear of the animal.

Barrel Race Bats by Wonder Whip

Barrel race bats are used to both signal the horse to pick up their speed as well as to let them know that it's time to get their shoulder down for a turn.

Driving Whips

Engineered to aid in training horses for various disciplines -- for show or riding.

Doggin Bat by Wonder Whip

Used in barrel racing to cue the horse, our doggin bat is one of our many varieties of equestrian tools.

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Our Durable, American-Made, Quality Whip, Sorting Sticks, and Stock Show Accessories are Proudly Made in Miami, Oklahoma. Our Products can be purchased at leading retailers throughout the United States. U.S. Whip,  P.O. Box 1222, Miami, OK 74355

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