Goat Muzzles

Place the Goat Muzzle over the nose and mouth of the animal, preventing the goat from biting or nipping at their coat or eating their bedding, while still allowing them to drink water through the mesh.

Made in the U.S.A.

Available in 3 styles:

  • All Mesh
  • Cordura with Mesh Top
  • Cordura Print with Mesh
  • Nose-shaped fitting made specifically for goats
  • Mesh top for breathability and drinking
  • Vinyl-coated mesh for extended life
  • Ultra Tough Nylon for durability and to control dust intake (Cordura styles only)
  • Prevents goat from eating bedding and stalls, and biting other goats
  • Elastic strap for easy fit (All Mesh style only)
  • Adjustable webbing strap for easy fit (Cordura styles only)
  • One size
  • Available in bright, fun colors (Cordura styles only)



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